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City Hall

City Hall is located at 433 Morton St. The city hall houses the city offices and water offices as well as municipal court and city council meetings. The city hall & kitchen are also rented out for events. Call city hall at (620) 697-2171 to reserve your date.
Sound system, stage steps, Piano cannot be taken out of city hall.
It is the responsibility of the renter to leave city hall & kitchen as found, in a neat and orderly condition. Towels are to be taken home and laundered.
ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS ON THE PREMISES of city hall. Anyone found in possession of either will be required to leave and in the case of Illegal Drugs will be prosecuted as prescribed under the law.

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City hall rental

City Hall Rental all rates are per day 12:00am to 11:59pm 
Hall only            $15.00
Kitchen only      $15.00
Hall & Kitchen    $30.00
Tables                $ 0.75 each per event 
                           $ 1.00 each per event with plastic cover 
Dance require a deposit of $500.00 which will be refunded if the hall & kitchen are left damage free.  Any damage of the property will be teh responsibility of the renter.
Dance                 $25.00
Dance & Kitchen $40.00 

Garage sales 
Garage sales require a $50.00 deposit. Deposit will be refunded after all items are removed.


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The water department handles all of the billing for water, wastewater, and sanitation.
To turn on new service at a residential home that is currently connected to the Water and Sewer System there is a $100 deposit required. This deposit can be paid in installments of at least $50 to turn on then $25 and $25 are added to regular water bills. Renters may be required by their landlords to pay the entire deposit upfront.
Homes that are not connected to either the Water or Sewer system are required to be platted before new service can be provided to them. Please contact the Building Inspector at (620) 697-2171 for more information about this process.

Utility rates 

Water rate
Monthly usages in m.g. Rate per m.g.
0 to 4,999 gallons Min bill ------------------$14.75
5,000 to 199,999 gallons------------------- $1.35
200,000 to 499,999 gallons ----------------$1.50
500,000 and over----------------------------- $1.65
Sewer rate
Sewer charge--------------------------------- $9.00 min
usage over 10,000 gallons -----------------$0.09 per 1,000 gal
Average water use in December, January and February exceeds 10,000 gallons cost is $0.09 per 1,000 gallons used in the three month. Bill reset in March of each year to new rate based on usage.
Sanitation rate
Sanitation rate min.------------------------- $20.00
Commercial & industrial rate------------ $30.00
1 ½ cubic yard dumpster
Commercial & industrial rate ------------$54.00
3 cubic yard dumpster


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Street Department is charged with dealing with routine maintenance on all of the roads and alleys we have in the city. They also pickup tree limbs, paint lines, and ensure that our streets are properly signed so people can find their way around the city.


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Wastewater department is in charge of making sure that everything is flowing correctly as well as maintaining the grounds around our sewer ponds. It is a thankless job sometimes but a job that our staff gets done with efficiency and grace.


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Our staff in the Parks system keeps our city beautiful and green. Currently the city has five parks and each of them is something to behold


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The men and women that make up our Public Safety services are the pride of our community. They are not simply doing a job, they are representing our community as model citizens. Many of the staff members volunteer their time in schools talking about safety as well as dedicating their time to other community pursuits.
To contact our Police Department please call them directly at (620) 697-2151

Police Chief/ Morton County Sheriff Justin Holliday
Officer Nate Schumacher
Officer Jonathan Charles
Officer Joshua Hull

Remember for Emergency calls call 9-1-1 immediately


Currently the city contracts out for sanitation service with a local truck service. They normally pick-up residential trash two times a week and business track every business day.


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fire dept 

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